2021 RULES

It is impossible to list all of the modifications and exceptions that may be illegal or questionable within the WKA rule book. For enforcement purposes, only those items in black and white within  the WKA rule books and here are permissible unless otherwise permitted in written consent from RKS officials. It is YOUR responsibility to know the rules set forth and to resolve any questions you may have with RKS officials.



Age: 6 -10 Years Old

Chassis: Rocker or Jr Champ

Engine: Sealed LO206 Purple Slide

Gas: 94 Octane MAX

Coil: Stock 

Flywheel & Keyway: Stock

Air Filter : 3X5 Filter Part # 120110

Tires: Vega Yellow ONLY. Left Rear not to exceed 33” right rear not to exceed 34 ½” HOT

Wheels: 10” Right Side, 6 ½” Left Front, 6” Left Rear

Gear: 57-59

Clutch Driver: 15

Weight: 315 LBS

Clutch: Open


Age: 5-9 Years Old

Chassis: Rocker or Champ

Engine: Harbor Freight predator 6.5 Engine With Governor SKU #60363              

Stock Spring Length & Setting

Tire: Yellow Vega Only .33" MAX Left Rear. .34 1/2" Right Rear MAX Hot

Wheels: 10" Right Side, 6 1/2" Left Front, 6" Left Rear

Gas: 94 octane pump gas Station only

Gears:  64,65,66 DRIVE

Clutch Driver:15


Weight: 295 LBS



Age: 9-14  Years Old

Chassis:Rocker or Champ

Engine: Harbor Freight Predator 6.5 HP Engine With Governor SKU #60363

Tires: Vega Tire

Gas: 94 octane gas station pump only



Clutch: Open

Weight: 350 LBS



Age: 8-12 Years Old

Chassis: Rocker Or Jr. Champ

Air filter: 3X5 Filter Part #120110

Engine: Sealed L0206 Red Slide 

Gas: 94 Octane MAX

Coil: Stock

Flywheel and Keyway: Stock

Tires: Vega Tire

Gear: Open Rule

Weight: 335 LBS

Clutch: Open


Age: 8-12 Years Old

Chassis: Rocker Or JR. Champ

Engine: WKA Blue Plate Flat Head OR Animal Blue Plate With LEGAL WKA CAM


Coil: Stock

Tires: Vega Yellow Stock Tire

Gear: Open Rule



Clutch: Open



Age: 10-15 Years Old

Chassis: Rocker Or JR. Champ OR SR Champ

Air Filter: 3X5 Filter Part #120110

Engine: Sealed L0206 Yellow Slide 

Gas: MAX 94 Octane

Coil: Stock

Tires: Vega  Tire / open wheels

Gear: Open

 Weight: 375 Lbs




Age:14 Years and Up

Chassis: Rocker OR SR. Champ

Engine: Sealed L0206 Black Slide

Gas: MAX 94 Octane

Coil: Stock

Flywheel & Keyway : Stock

Air Cleaner: 3X5 Filter Part # 1200110

Tire: Vega Tire


Weight: 400 lbs

Clutch: Open



Age:13 Years AND Older

Chassis: Rocker OR SR Champ

Engine: Harbor Freight Predator 6.5 HP


Tire: Vega Yellow 

Gear: Open

Weight: 365 lbs

Clutch: Open

1.1: If a driver moves up a class, his/her points do not follow them. If a driver races 3 races in a certain class, they cannot move back down.

1.2: Due to lack of experience or abundance of experience, RKS officials reserve the rights to make an exception to the age rule for class structures.

1.3: If a driver is to race multiple classes, the classes must be similar. (IE: Jr Sprortsman and Sportsman, not Boxstock and Sportsman.) There is too much       of a jump in speed to safely run the faster class. Drivers can jump classes from year to year at the discretion of RKS officicals.

1.4: Minimum of three karts per class. If there is a class that shows up with less than three karts, those karts can be placed in other classes at discretion of     RKS officials and drivers.

1.5: Feel free to inquire about adding a class. Remember there will be a three kart minimum to have a class.


2.1: There will be a pre-race safety inspection for every kart/vehicle for the first attendance each year.

2.2: A sticker will be issued upon passing pre-race safety inspection. The sticker MUST be applied to kart/vehicle before competing and easily visible to RKS      officials. 

2.3: Any kart/vehicle without a safety sticker will not be allowed on track. NO EXCEPTIONS

2.4: Drivers safety equipment is included in pre-race safety inspection.

2.5: Belts and arm restraints must be no older than 5 years old. No visible damage. No signs of chemicals on belts. Belts must be secured to chassis ( no          loop style connection belts allowed and no belt connections to be made to roll cage) using a min ⅜  size bolt with nylon lock nuts. Belts must have a SFI rating.

2.6: Seats must be mounted/bolted in 4 locations to chassis. Seat mounts to seat must utilize 5/16 bolts.  1” fender washer min must be used on the inside of seat bolts to prevent bolts from ripping or cracking seals. Nylon lock nuts are mandatory on seat bolts. Use of headrest is mandatory in all classes.

2.7: Helmet must be SNELL SA2010 or SFI2010 or newer. Chin strap must always be securely fastened. Visor must be in the down position while on track. Tinted shields are not permitted after dusk.

2.8: Driver arm restraints are mandatory. Neck collar is mandatory. Hans device is highly recommended, however it is  mandatory to have headrest or Hans. Fire suit or fire jacket must always be worn. Full length jeans are mandatory. NO Shorts, capris etc. allowed. Racing shoes are recommended, but closed toe sneakers will be allowed. No sandals, slippers, flip flops or crocs etc. allowed. Elbow pad on right arm is mandatory. Long hair must be in ponytail and not long enough to reach axle, chain, bearings etc.

2.9: All lead must be painted white and labeled with a kart number. Min 5/16 bolts to be used and must be double-nutted or use nylon lock nuts. Must use 1” fender washers on the inside seat when lead is bolted to the seat.

2.10: Wheels and tires must have no visible damage.

2.11: Chassis must have no visible cracks or poor welds.

2.12: Axles and bearing can have no excessive play.

2.13: Steering components can have no excessive play. All fasteners to be 5/16 min and use nylon nuts with safety pins.

2.14: Body must be securely mounted. No lead to be mounted to the body.

2.15: Brakes must function properly with the driver's foot. All fasteners to be safety pinned.

2.16: Fuel line connections to be securely fastened.

2.17: Chain guard must cover chain and clutch when viewed from above.

2.18: Oil catch can is mandatory.



3.1: RKS strives to be family oriented and pets are part of the family. Pets are allowed at RKS. Please clean up after them. RKS assumes no responsibility or liability for the actions of any pet on RKS property. Owners assume all risks, responsibility, and liability for pets.

3.2: Rks strives for a family oriented atmosphere. Driver and team conduct are always expected to be professional and respectful. ABSOLUTELY no vulgar or rude language PERIOD. If anyone feels the need to be verbally abusive to RKS officials, driver, team member or family member, your team will be awarded last place in heat and feature for the day and be told to leave. If only heats have been run, your team will be awarded last place points for heat and told to leave for the day and receive 0 points and a DNS for feature. Second offense you will be suspended for 1 race day (rainouts do not count). Third offense in the same year your team will be suspended for the rest of the season. This included driver and kart. It’s Simple, be Respectful, bite your tongue and think of this as being the kid’s playground at school. Leave your egos at home.

3.3: Physical violence has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. If any team member or family member engages in a physical altercation, both teams will be suspended immediately for 1 race day (rain outs do not count). Second offense will be suspended for the remainder of the season. This includes driver and kart. Again, RKS is no place for this kind of conduct. It is a place for the kids to learn, have fun and make memories.

3.4: If there is an issue, notify RKS officials immediately and it will be handled in a respectful manner.

3.5: Spectators are not allowed in roped off tech impound areas. There is plenty of seating in the three sections of grandstands we have at RKS.

3.6: All parents/guardians are responsible for their children. Please do not let them run free and unsupervised. No scooters, bikes, trikes ect. are to be used while karts are on track. RKS officials will take them.

3.7: No firearms allowed on RKS property on your person or vehicle.

3.8: No consuming alcohol beverages during racing events at RKS. Save that for after the events have concluded for the day. Be responsible, PLEASE.

3.9: All drivers, spectators and family members are required to wear wristbands and to be signed in at the gate before their team partakes in any track sessions.

3.10: Everyone must always respect RKS property. Any vandalism will result in expulsion from RKS property and legal action will be taken.

3.11: Pit pads are first come first serve for the ones that have not been purchased. Pit pads can be purchased for $75.00 each per season to ensure that you have a pit pad you want during RKS events.

3.12: An oil collection station will be provided by RKS.

3.13: Any RKS official can enter any pit pad at any time.

3.14: No karts/vehicle shall be driven down pit road under its own power. Please push them.



4.1: All helmets and visors must be closed upon entering the racing surface.

4.2: Only drivers and RKS officials will be allowed on the racing surface unless a team member is called upon by an RKS official.

4.3: Drivers must double file up in the order they are being scored as. If a certain driver fails to follow 2 red flag line up instructions, that driver will suffer the following penalties:

1st is a warning

2nd is tail end of field 

3rd is a lap down

After this driver will be awarded last place points.

4.4: There will be 7 flags used at RKS. Green, Yellow, Black, Red, Blue with Yellow stripe, White, and Checkered. The following is how these flags will be used at RKS.

Green clinch= 1 lap until the field goes racing. Bunch up and get ready to race.

Green, just hanging “being lazy”= no start, leaders did not start the race correctly, Carry speeds through turns 1 and 2. Yellow will be thrown once the field reaches back stretch.

Green waving= go racing

Yellow= caution, slow down, dangerous situation on track exists.

Black flag clinched pointing at you= warning from flagman for rough driving or blocking.

Black flag waving and flagman pointing at you= you are being DQ’D from race. DQ can be for following situations; Unsafe mechanical situation from your kart/vehicle, continued to rough racing, blocking or 3 cautions caused by you in a single race, heat or feature, not accumulative for the entire day. 

Blue flag with yellow stripe= Leaders are behind you and need to get by.

Red Flag= stop immediately due to an urgent situation on track. Also, can be used to stop the field under caution due to improper line up.

Yellow and Green flags clinched and crossed into a X= halfway through the race.

White and Checkered clinched together= 2 laps to go

White waving alone= 1 lap to go

Checkered flag waving alone= race is over. Take a cool down lap and pull off the track just after the flag stand. Winner takes their victory lap and memory photos.

Flag man with his hand out with 5 fingers= five laps to go in race.

Yellow flag clinched and flag man twirling the flag= We are giving you some faster pace laps to get some heat into those tires. Pick up the pace but, do so cautiously and do not try to race.


4.5: Starts and restarts; Flag man will issue a clinched green flag pointing up signaling green flag next time by, bunch up and get ready to race. Caution lights will go out at this time as well. Front row is not to accelerate until the start/restart line on the front stretch just out of turn 4. Starts will be called off if the driver (s) accelerate too soon.

4.6: Spin outs; if a kart/vehicle spins out 3 times by themselves. They will receive a black flag and awarded last place points.

4.7: Hot laps will be provided during night races and cold/chilly days.

4.8: Pole position sets the pace of the field coming to the green.

4.9: If a caution comes out before completion of a 1 lap, line up will go back to original line up unless caution is for 3 wide. The kart /vehicle that jumps the start will go to the rear. 

  • A completed lap is when the leader crosses the start/finish line.

4.10: Starts and restarts will be double file unless there have been 3 cautions at which point the field will start a single file. 

4.11: All kart/vehicle adjustments and repairs must be made in the grid/pit area. ABSOLUTELY no on the track adjustments or repairs to be made. If any team member enters the track through the gate without permission of RKS official the driver will go to the rear. If any adjustment or repair is done on the track driver is DQ’D. 

4.12: Karts/vehicles that come in for repairs due to a caution will have 2 race laps granted to them. These laps start when race control deems the lineup is correct, then the field goes 2 complete laps before getting the 1 to green signal.

4.13: All karts/vehicles that come off track for adjustments or repairs are to restart at the tail end of the field.

4.14:Intentional cautions consist of waiting for the yellow to come out then take off after caution comes out. This will result in an immediate 1 lap down scoring penalty.

4.15: During a black flag event, if the kart that pulls off is not the kart the black flag is intended for, the race will be placed under a yellow flag situation and the kart gets to go back out and get position back. 

4.16: ABSOLUTELY NO signaling from team members to driver while driver is on track. 1st offense is a warning. 2nd is a DQ and last place points.

4.17: All karts/vehicles must have a transponder they can be purchased for $20 and will last as long as you take care of them. We will have a designated place to zip tie these on.



5.1: Completion of race, all karts/vehicles must go directly to the scale shed and pass through the scale shed. Kart will have the correct label with the correct weight on the cage for class. If you change divisions get a new label team responsibility to get a new label. RKS will issue these.

5.2: Teams have 2 chances at scaling correctly. Fuel may not be added. If lead is lost during race, the lead may not be added to meet the min weight rule. Karts/vehicles that have lost weight during race, will be scored last and must proceed to the tech impound area. Not meeting min weight with all lead will receive the following penalties.

5# and under= last place points

6# and up= loss of points for the race. This is considered an intentional rule infraction.

5.3: Failing to go to the scale shed and/or tech impound area will be a full day DQ and loss of all points for the day.

5.4: Only kart/vehicle and driver to enter the scale shed. Push the kart/vehicle onto scales and step back. One crew member may stand with scale shed personnel to view scale numbers for their team. After you have been scaled you and all team members are to leave the area. Any lingering may come with penalties. 

5.5: After scaling post features, all karts must proceed to the tech impound area unless otherwise stated by RKS tech official. Failure to do so will be a full day DQ.

5.6: Engine rules; Raptor/Flathead  engines are following WKA Raptor rule section 701.

LO206 engines are following the Briggs and Stratton USA rule set.

5.7: No kart/vehicle to leave the tech impound area until cleared to do so by RKS tech officials.

5.8: Engine changes must be brought to the RKS tech officials’ attention. Engine changes between heat races and feature races will result in forfeiting starting position and the driver will start tail of field for the feature. Failure to notify tech of engine change will result in being scored last.

5.9: Any kart/vehicle needing some laps after the official practice sessions have ended will be required to take the tail end of the field for the next race whether it be a heat or feature.

5.10: All decisions are final, scorekeeping, suspensions, DQ’s and tech. Questions regarding race procedures will not be discussed while race is in progress. Any rule infractions will carry penalties which include, but not limited to, warnings, suspensions, DQ’s or being scored last place.


RKS is a place for kids and families to come and enjoy seeing the kids compete. We strive to be fair in handling all situations, yet all situations can be unique and tough to call at times. We are all human and do make mistakes from time to time. We hope that you enjoy racing with us and look forward to the coming weeks.


RKS Contacts:

Owner & Race Control

Will Anderson 207-798-0253





1ST - 20 POINTS               1ST - 50 POINTS

2ND - 18 POINTS              2ND - 48 POINTS

3RD - 16 POINTS              3RD - 46 POINTS

4TH - 14 POINTS              4TH - 44 POINTS

5TH - 12 POINTS              5TH - 42 POINTS

6TH - 10 POINTS              6TH - 40 POINTS

7TH- 8 POINTS                 7TH - 38POINTS


Drivers must run all three XXX races to receive end of the Year awards. Top three only for all XXX divisions are awarded at the end of the year. 

Participation awards may be awarded at track's discretion.